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Why A Curiae?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

I always had an interest in the criminal justice system, prison culture, and the intersection of law and community. The first time I attended a drug court graduation, I had tears rolling down my cheeks listening to a story of someone I’d never see again. I was a college student interning with a public defender who thought it would be a good experience for me. The passion, honesty, and emotion from each graduate was overwhelming. These feelings combined with working in jails and prisons to understand the rigors and challenges of the justice system led to an interest in working with the reentry population. More than 10 years later, I created A Curiae to have an impact on the court system, public health, and the community to improve outcomes both individually and systematically.

I experienced an immense passion for change through my work with the federal courts. The clients experienced trauma while incarcerated and in their childhoods. They wanted to do better but had rarely received encouragement or support. There was desire to change but a missing key of collaboration to do so. The staff were brilliant and dedicated to these programs they voluntarily worked on. Everyone wanted to help. Everyone was empathetic. Everyone saw the clients to be better than they saw themselves. But, again, there was a desire to change and a missing key of collaboration to make this happen.

A Curiae is that collaborative component. There is knowledge, skills, and abilities to share both ways to learn about the criminal justice system, reentry issues, and substance use. The organization will look to provide direct services to clients while educating and strategizing with court staff to improve outcomes. The vision is to play a collaborative, supportive role for both clients and staff to problem solve a magnitude of issues. Never in my professional dreams would I think of being capable of having a profound impact on the courts, public health, and the community, but we’re here. A Curiae is here to make an impact.

Thank you for your interest in A Curiae. Please signup for updates, reach out for support, and we look forward to connecting and collaborating to problem solve through the criminal justice system.

Very Truly Yours,

Wyatt Lim-Tepper

Founder and President

A Curiae

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