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Big Moments Together with Volunteers and Graduations

It's graduation season, and I’ve invited a few close friends to observe and share my work. Even better, both who attended graciously became volunteers for A Curiae to help me grow the organization and give back to the population.

A childhood friend, Eddy Lee, graciously offered to volunteer his time to support A Curiae. We went to high school together, studied at cafes in college, and worked briefly at the same recruiting agency. He’s taught me about being a good friend, a professional, and a leader. Eddy offered his experience as a recruiter to develop resource lists for reentry employment to circulate to colleagues and source opportunities for clients.

Stephanie Simos always had a knack for amazing photos while being an outstanding communications professional. She attended a graduation earlier this year with her husband, another childhood friend, and offered to be a volunteer photographer for our graduates. The photos lend a glimpse into the connection of family, support, and the importance of completing collaborative court programs.

Graduations are a big deal. For our clients, it’s the end point of the culmination of months of hard work addressing trauma, finding a place in the community, and building connections with others. On the other hand, it’s the start of a new life where their case is finalized and the beginning of their new.

I know every friend that comes to these graduations won’t offer to volunteer for A Curiae, but it’s an incredible feeling to have the support and interest of sharing the work we do. Different backgrounds, experience, and will lead to an incredible journey, together.

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