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A Curiae Anecdotes- Life Design Through Mentorship

By Tram Nguyen. Tram is one of our most experienced mentors who shows great compassion, connection, and energy to work with clients in our Professional Mentorship Initiative. Tram has worked with clients around the country and

George Floyd inspired me to get involved with mentorship not because I want to be a mentor but because I want to get to know people who have experienced the world from a completely different lens than mine. I approach this program viewing our partnerships as designers, builders, creators, and makers.

I don’t like the words mentor or mentee because it sounds hierarchical, and I’ve experienced hierarchical systems that did not allow me to fully have a voice or be myself. I want to make people feel and embody empowerment to design and create their lives the way they want it to be, and deep down inside know what is best for them.

We are ultimately the designers, builders, creators, makers of our journeys and destiny and I see myself in each creator that I get to partner with, some don’t know they can create, some don’t have the tools, some never had the opportunity to, and all have drive and hearts that have melted mine. An expedition into the astounding minds of creators I get to go on!!

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